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About Coupon Codes

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COUPON CODE: "cupid" found on a current  coupon code website is a not a real coupon code for our store and appears to have been made up.
In a nutshell, if it's not posted on our site or in an e-mail DIRECTLY from us -- it is not a valid code.  Coupon codes that are found on websites that promise to give you codes to save on any shopping website are often not valid. Increasingly we are seeing fake/fraudulent coupon codes which appear to have been made up and posted on these sites - we cannot honor these. 
   Please note that codes that may be found on various sites are typically for promotions that ended long ago and are no longer valid or increasingly seem to be completely made up.  If the code doesn't work when you check out, it is likely one of the many fake coupon codes that has been posted to a savings website that we have been seeing lately.  Please ask us before placing your order if you aren't sure if a code is real or not.